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Dr. Mannur J. Sundaresan

Associate Professor

Center for Advanced Materials and Smart Structures
North Carolina A & T State University
Greensboro, NC 27411

PH: (336) 334-7620 ext. 313
FAX: (336) 334-7417


Ph.D., Engineering Mechanics, Virginia Tech, 1988
M.E., Mechanical Engineering, Bangalore University, 1973
B.E., Mechanical Engineering, Bangalore University, 1971


Structural health monitoring, Smart materials, Composite Materials, Nondestructive evaluation, Structure-Property Relationships, Electron Microscopy, Materials Processing, Fracture Mechanics.


  • 1995- Present, Adjunct Research Associate Professor, Research Engineer, Department of Mechanical Engineering, North Carolina A & T State University, Greensboro, NC 27411
  • 1988-1995 Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL.


  • ASME,
  • AIAA,
  • SPIE


    Associate editor of a new Journal entitled "International Journal of Structural Health Monitoring," to start February 2002. The Editor-in-Chief of the journal is Fuo-Kuo Chang of Stanford University, the Managing Editor is Mark Schulz, NC A&T SU, and the Scientific Editor is William H. Prosser of NASA Langley Research Center. Technomic Publishing Company will publish the journal.

    PATENTS and ASTM Standard:

  • M. J. Sundaresan, A. Ghoshal, and M.J. Schulz, "Continuous Acoustic Emission and Vibration Sensor", Patent application under review, Initial approval granted (October, 2001).
  • K.N. Shivakumar, V.S. Avva, M. J. Sundaresan, F. Abali, A. Cunningham, and R. Sadler, "Apparatus and Method for Forming Densified, Carbon-Carbon Composites", Patent application under review.
  • ASTM Standard E1736-95, based on the paper by M. J. Sundaresan, E.G. Henneke and W.D. Brosey, 1991, "Acousto-Ultrasonic Investigation of Kevlar-Epoxy Pressure Vessels," pp 601-606 & 612, "Materials Evaluation", Vol. 49, No. 5.

    1. K. Waldron, A. Ghoshal, M.J. Schulz, M.J. Sundaresan, F. Ferguson, P.F. Pai, J.H. Chung,"Damage Detection Using Finite Elements and Laser Operational Deflection Shapes," J. Finite Elements in Analysis and Design, 2001, Vol.38, pp.1281-1289.
    2. Sundaresan, M.J., Ghoshal, A., Schulz, M.J., "A Continuous Sensor to Measure Acoustic Waves in Plates," Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures, Vol. 12, No.1, pp.41-56, January 2001.
    3. Ghoshal, A., E.A. Wheater, C.R. AshokKumar, M.J. Sundaresan, M.J. Schulz, M. Human, P.F. Pai, "Vibration Suppression Using A Laser Vibrometer and Piezoceramic Patches", Journal of Sound and Vibration ,Volume 235(2), 10 August 2000, pages 261-280.
    4. F. Ferguson, M. J. Sundaresan, G. Grandhi, S. Datta, G.R. Kirikera, and M.J. Schulz, "Evaluation of a Neural System for Structural Health Monitoring," Proceedings for the First European Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring, Paris, DEStech Publications, July 10-12, 2002, pp. 657-664.
    5. M J. Schulz, M J. Sundaresan, J. McMichael, D. Clayton Evaluation of the Performance of Piezo-Ceramic Materials at Moderately Elevated Temperatures (Paper #IMECE2002-39376), ASME Proceedings, New Orleans, 2002.
    6. Nazar Elwasia, M. J. Schulz, J. Sankar, and M. J. Sundaresan, "Vibration Based Technique for Detecting Stiffness Loss in Composite Bars," ICCE-9, San Diego, July 1-6, 2002, p. 191-192.
    7. G. Grandhi, J. Sankar, M. J. Sundaresan, and M. J. Schulz, "Acoustic Emission Monitoring of Composite Materials Using Continuous Sensor," ICCE-9, San Diego, July 1-6, 2002, p. 255-256.
    8. Schulz, M.J., Kirikera, G.R., Datta, S.M., and Sundaresan, M.J., "Piezoceramic and Nanotube Materials for Health Monitoring," Proceedings of SPIE , March 2002, Conference at San Diego, CA.
    9. Sundaresan M.J., Schulz M.J., Ghoshal A., and Martin W.N., "A Neural System for Structural Health Monitoring," Proc. SPIE, 2001, Vol. 4328, pp.130-141.
    10. Schulz, M. J. Sundaresan, M.J., Ghoshal, A., Martin, W.N., "Evaluation of Distributed Sensors for Structural Health Monitoring," ASME Conference, Pittsburgh, PA, 2001.

    (One Ph. D. and five masters graduates.)

    Ph.D Student:

    T.M. Srinivasan

    MSME Students:

    Brajesh Agrawal,
    Parth Pandey,
    G. Shankar,
    S.K. Panchangam,
    G. Generalis

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