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The Center for Advanced Materials and Smart Structures seeks to create cross-disciplinary infrastructure that transcends departmental, institutional, industrial and governmental barriers and lends itself to the integration of research and education in the vital field of smart and advanced materials.

The Vision of the Center:
The Center for Advanced Materials and Smart Structures will be an educational and research resource for the state of North Carolina and the Nation in the field of advanced ceramic materials and their composites, through the collaboration of academe, private industry and the government in developing basic and applied research programs with a focus on student participation and learning.

The Mission of the Center is to achieve the following:
  • Develop intellectual capital through interdisciplinary learning, discovery, engagement and operational excellence
  • Achieve excellence in basic & applied research
  • Enhance undergraduate and graduate curricula
  • Provide hands-on research experiences for students
  • Generate commercially relevant technological innovations
  • Support the career development of faculty and the professional community at large
  • Offer research and educational services to industry
  • Integrate into Federal Diversity-Focused Programs (NSF, DOD, NASA, DOE, FAA, and others) to address the STEM Continuum
  • Serve as a model of collaboration between academe, government and industry at the national and global levels

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